ITIL 4 DITS - ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: Strategic Leader: Digital and IT Strategy


ITIL4 Strategic Leader (ITIL SL) is a stream of two modules that are part of ITIL 4, the next evolution of ITIL. ITIL SL recognizes the value of ITIL, not just for IT operations, but for all digitally-enabled services. Becoming an ITIL 4 Strategic Leader demonstrates that the you have a clear understanding of how IT influences and directs business strategy.
This module. Digital and IT Strategy, due to launch in the first half of 2020. will focus on the alignment of digital business strategy with IT strategy. The module also covers how disruption from new technologies are impacting organizations in every industry and how business leaders are responding. The pace of evolution in the digital world has never been so fast and organizations need to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing environment if they want to keep providing value to their customers while remaining competitive in the marketplace.
The IT & Digital Strategy module adds a new perspective to the ITIL suite and elevates the discussion around ITIL concepts to a strategic level among business leaders and aspiring leaders. The module will help IT leaders and aspiring leaders build and implement effective IT and digital strategy that can tackle digital disruption and drive success.
Accredited training for the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader modules is mandatory to enable full understanding of the core material. All modules have ITIL 4 Foundation as a pre-requisite. In addition, the ITIL 4 Leader modules requires a minimum of three years of IT managerial experience.

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This course prepares delegates for the ITIL Strategic Leader: Digital and IT Strategy examination and is one of the two modules that lead to the award of ITIL 4 Strategic Leader (SL) status



Pré Requisitos


Candidates must hold the ITIL 4 Foundation certificate. In addition, the ITIL 4 Leader modules requiere a minimun of three years of IT managerial experience

• ITIL® 4 Foundation

Conteúdo Programatico

PART 1: ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy

Module 1: Key Concepts of Digital and IT Strategy
• Digital, Information, and Communication Technology
• Digital Transformation
• Services, Products, and Competitive Advantage
• Tiers of Strategy
• Business Models
• Operating Models

Module 2: Strate gy and the Service Value System
• Opportunity and Demand
• Value
• Governance
• ITIL Guiding Principles
• Continual Improvement
• ITIL Practices

PART 2: ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy

Module 3: What is Vision?
• Intent and Context
• Disruptions
• Vision
• Module Objectives
• Module Topics
• Digital Disruptions
• Balanced Strategic Focus
• Positioning Tools forDigital Organizations
• Assignment 1: Digital Disruption and Digital Positioning

Module 4: Where Are We Now?
• Environmental Analysis
• Opportunity Analysis
• Digital Readiness Assessment

Module 5: How Do We Get There? (Strategic Planning)
• Strategy Planning
• Financial Aspects of Digital and IT Strategy
• Business Models for Strategy Planning
• Portfolio Optimization

Module 6: How Do We Get There? (Strategic Approaches)
• Strategic Approaches for Digital Organizations
• Strategic Approaches for Operational Excellence
• Strategic Approaches to Evolution
• Strategic Approaches to Social Responsibility and Sustainability
• Assignment 2: Strategic Approaches for Digital Organizations

Module 7: Take Action (Managing Strategic Initiatives)
• How Strategies are Implemented
• Coordinating Strategy and Strategic Initiatives
• Leading Digital Transformation
• Digital Leadership
• Assignment 3: Strategy Planning and Communication

Module 8: Did We Get There? (Measuring Strategy)
• Key Facts About Measurement
• Measuring a Strategy
• Instrumenting Strategy

Module 9: How Do We Keep the Momentum Going?
• Long-Term Momentum: Ensuring Organizational Viability
• Short-Term Momentum: Parallel Operation
• Assignment: Digital Strategy in VUCA Environment

PART 3: ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy

Module 10: Managing Innovat ion and Emerging Technologies
• Managing Innovation
• Formal Approach to Innovation Management
• Culture that Supports Innovation
• Approaches to Innovation
• Evaluating and Adopting Emerging Technology

Module 11: Managing Strategic Risk
• Intent and Context
• Risk
• Module Objectives
• Module Topics
• Risk Management
• Risk Identification
• Risk Posture
• Risk Treatment